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  White Wine  

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Newest White Wine

frontenac gris.jpg

Frontenac Gris 

This crisp amber colored wine is bursting with tropical fruit flavor and is the perfect lazy day sipper.

$7 glass | $20 bottle | $204 case | $17 mixed case

Available White Wine



This barrel-aged wine is lightly oaked with peach and citrus notes. It has both a buttery taste and a crisp finish. 

$7 glass | $20 bottle | $204 case | $17 mixed case


A very refreshing Chardonnay!!  This wine was lightly pressed then transferred to stainless steel without oak aging.  Enticing crisp notes of grapefruit with a peach finish.....0.5%RS


$7 glass | $20 bottle | $204 case | $17 mixed case

$7 glass | $20 bottle | $204 case | $17 mixed case

Dry Riesling

Hints of citrus, apple and pear.  Great sipping wine for those who prefer a little sweeter Riesling....0.25%RS

Pinot Gris

Fruity and aromatic with notes of citrus, pear, white nectarine and apple…..0.9% RS

$7 glass | $19 bottle | $193.80 case | $16.50 mixed case

Seasonal White Wine

Traminette (out of stock)

Floral notes on the nose, almost like roses and Granny Smith apples abound.....0.75% RS

Solstice (out of stock)

A delightful white wine blend with a touch of sweetness and notes of apple, pear, lemon and grapefruit, perfect for that warm summer afternoon or evening.... 2% RS 

Cirrus (out of stock)

Crystal clear white wine with hints of apple adn lemon, great served super-chilled..... 2% RS

Chardonnay Reserve (out of stock)

FA full bodied barrel fermented chardonnay with silky and well rounded flavors and a buttery finish.  Toasted oak and hints of vanilla carries through in the nose.... 0.5% RS

Blueberry Breeze (out of stock)

A sweet and fruity blueberry inspired white wine .  5% residual sugar. 

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