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  Our Story - The Owners & Managers  

DAVE AND REBECCA - Tasting Room Hosts

In June of 2009, Dave and Rebecca made the dramatic move from Houston, TX to Ephrata, PA to run a gorgeous, colonial-era "Tavern" turned Bed and Breakfast.  Over the years, Dave and Rebecca brought the property 'back to life', turning it into a thriving landmark in Lancaster County.


Fast forward to the fall of 2016 when Rebecca reconnected with high school friend Rich and the they, along with their wonderful spouses, decided that opening a new WINE BAR / TASTING ROOM in the Historic Smithton Inn would be a win-win for both businesses.  What had been a sitting room in the B&B was converted into the tasting room bar and the rest is history!

You'll often find Dave or Rebecca tending bar or hosting crafting events.  In their spare time, they enjoy traveling, discovering new restaurants... and you guessed it... WINE TASTING!

Check out the Historic Smithton Inn's website:

RICH AND DANA - The Wine Makers

Richard is a ‘real’ Meteorologist and Environmental Engineer who was bitten by the weather bug when he was just a child.  He brings a scientific mind to the grape growing and wine making process wanting to know how it all works from beginning to end and never stops asking why or how.  Dana is a nurse by day who with a nurturing nature, never ending dedication to quality and keen sense of marketing makes a perfect team with Richard at Weathered Vineyards.

So how did they come up with the name “Weathered Vineyards”? Well both Richard and Dana spent a long time pondering this question. Maybe they could use their initials…R&D Winery didn’t ring right who’d want to go to a winery where they do Research and Development…so the next iteration came up with D&R Winery but that was too much like DR. So back to the drawing board.  Then in a stroke of genius, Dana suggested why not call it Weathered Vineyards?  For it captures both of Richard’s passions in life, weather and a vineyard.  Richard quickly agreed knowing a good idea when he heard one, what better way to meet new people than to talk about the weather over a glass of wine. Hence the idea for Weathered Vineyards was born. 

Check out the Winery's webiste:

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