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  Our Story - The Owners & Managers  

KAREN - Tasting Room Hostess

RICH AND DANA - The Wine Makers

Richard is a ‘real’ Meteorologist and Environmental Engineer who was bitten by the weather bug when he was just a child.  He brings a scientific mind to the grape growing and wine making process wanting to know how it all works from beginning to end and never stops asking why or how.  Dana is a nurse by day who with a nurturing nature, never ending dedication to quality and keen sense of marketing makes a perfect team with Richard at Weathered Vineyards.

So how did they come up with the name “Weathered Vineyards”? Well both Richard and Dana spent a long time pondering this question. Maybe they could use their initials…R&D Winery didn’t ring right who’d want to go to a winery where they do Research and Development…so the next iteration came up with D&R Winery but that was too much like DR. So back to the drawing board.  Then in a stroke of genius, Dana suggested why not call it Weathered Vineyards?  For it captures both of Richard’s passions in life, weather and a vineyard.  Richard quickly agreed knowing a good idea when he heard one, what better way to meet new people than to talk about the weather over a glass of wine. Hence the idea for Weathered Vineyards was born. 

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